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Every project is different, but if you break even the most complicated project down: it is composed of standard metal processing procedures. Whether you are looking to manufacture rock-solid metal tables, construct the metal frame of a warehouse, or anything in between, we are the people that can make your vision become a reality. Our skill sets include:

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Our specialty.


The MIG and MAG welding techniques are great all-around welding techniques. They can effectively weld many different types of metals and produce very strong seams.


TIG is a very precise welding technique that requires a highly skilled welder if it is to be done correctly. If your project requires TIG welding, it is very important to select a welder that is qualified and experienced with this technique (like many of ours are). TIG welding requires that the work pieces be very clean and not oxidized. Besides yielding very precise welds, TIG welding has the added benefits of not producing splatter/sparks, and can be used to weld relatively thin work pieces


The MMA welding method is ideal for construction projects: the equipment required is easy to transport, not complicated, doesn’t require gas tanks, and even rusty/oxidized work pieces can be effectively welded together.


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Where do we work?

Our service area reaches into the following cities and their surroundings:

  • Trzcianka
  • Piła
  • Wałcz
  • Chodziez
  • Czarnkow
  • Człopa
  • Skrzatusz

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