Raise the standards of your land.

Don’t lower those in your head. We have the equipment and skilled workforce that together can transform your terrain into anything you have ever wanted it to be.

Pond digging
Irrigation maintenance
Land sales
Land transportation

Our Equipment

We have the following equipment at our disposal:

Tracked excavators

When it comes to digging big holes in short periods of time, this machine has no competition.

Wheeled excavators

Although they are not quite as effective at digging as their tracked siblings, wheeled excavators are much more mobile, and do not destroy paved roads. They come in handy on large terrains and where it is important not to destroy roads/plants, etc.


Great for leveling or moving large amounts of land.

Transport trucks

Do you have land at point A that needs to go to point B? We can transport it for you. Do you want to buy land from us? Not only can we sell it, but we can deliver it directly to you (below you will find what types of land we sell).

Low loader trailers

Ideal for transporting heavy machinery.

Soil for sale

Do you need some land? We can sell and deliver it to you. We sell the following types of soil:


  • For sandboxes.
  • For playgrounds.
  • For concrete.
  • For general construction.


For a great garden.


  • For roads.
  • For drainage.
  • For filling/hardening land.
  • For general construction.


  • For roads.
  • For asfalt.
  • For general construction.


Have a look at some of the work we have already done.


Where do we work?

Our service area reaches into the following cities and their surroundings:

  • Trzcianka
  • Piła
  • Wałcz
  • Chodziez
  • Czarnkow
  • Człopa
  • Skrzatusz

If you have a question regarding the reach of our services, please contact us.


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