Metal Processing Department

Does your project require welding, polishing, bending, or any other metal processing services? No problem. We do those mentioned, and many more.

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Landscaping Department

The pond of your dreams, clean and well-maintained irrigation canals, flat terrain, ready to be used for the project you’ve always been waiting to do — if you need landscaping work done that requires heavy machinery, we are your ideal partners.

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What is AH-Alumix?

We are a construction company in the Greater Poland Voivodeship that specializes in welding and landscaping services.

Heaven of earth

If you are looking for someone that can take your rough terrain and turn it into the terrain of your dreams, then you’ve found that someone.

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Heavy metal

Our lead welder has over 10 years of international welding experience in the most modern and advanced welding techniques. If it can be welded, our team can weld it.

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Where do we work?

Our service area reaches into the following cities and their surroundings:

  • Trzcianka
  • Piła
  • Wałcz
  • Chodziez
  • Czarnkow
  • Człopa
  • Skrzatusz

If you have a question regarding the reach of our services, please contact us.


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